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November 05, 2012


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I would love to win Yoga 1269!


Yoga 42 looks like a fit for me!

Iva Galic

I want Yoga 44!


I would like Yoga 26 please!


I would be lovin' hanging in a hockey rink with Yoga #22!!!

Jennie Coles

Since I'm already waiting on a pair of #44's that are on order I think I'd like a pair of #1268 Corduroys maybe in Deep Royal :)


I like the Yoga 20...they all look great though

Yoga 22 for me! Love the skinny jeans and boots for the winter.


they all look great & comfortable - I like yoga 26


Yoga 26 or Yoga 30... they both look awesome and would fit my bending over needs! LOL


Yoga 85 for me!


Oh ... and I just shared it on FB!


Low rise skinnys! 17. Love my jeans and adore yoga jeans but don't have a pair ...yet....

Melissa Mendenhall Davis

I want some colored jeans and YOGA 98 are cute! oh gosh, they are all pretty great!

Melissa Mendenhall Davis

I just shared on my facebook wall :)


yoga 19 I think!


I like the yoga 80!

Oh, I think I'd like the Yoga 44!


I would love to strut my stuff in Yoga 20!

Brenda Penton

I like the YOGA 99


Brenda Penton

Shared it!


They all look great and I love love to try on YOGA 22


I think the Leatherette Jeans Yoga 1281 in chocolate would be funky fun to wear!!

Mel Issa

I'm undecided about what version I would like better...the Yoga 24 (coated version) or Yoga 22. They all look so comfy.

Yanic Mantha

Done on FB, and the model I would like to try is 17, it look great!!

Melissa Mendenhall Davis

I had a pair of jeans once that I loved so much, they wore threw at the crotch :( A patch didn't work and I had to retire them...sad day!


Yoga Jeans Style 98 in Merlot!


I would like to win Yoga Jean Style 99


Tough call but I'd love to try the cords 1246!


Hi Kerry, 'Like' them on Facebook!!!!

Mz Chelle

Hi - a pair of Yoga 22 in overdye black would be amazing! Thanks for hosting this contest!

Mz Chelle

Also, shared the link here:!/michelle.fleury.12


Katherine Doerksen

I would love to win a pair of the 22's!
Thanks for the great giveaway!


I would love the Yoga 19 in blueblack!! so hard to choose ;)


And I shared on my FB page!!!


Yoga 24 looks great! Hard to pick though I'd love to try a bunch on!!!


YOGA 1267 is my favourite - the mid-rise skinny cords in plum! Very cute!


Tough to choose. Yoga jean 19 in darkstone rinse look cute.

Mz Chelle

Yoga jeans are simply THE best jeans EVER!

Melissa Mendenhall Davis

I'm back with a question about yoga jeans...are they flattering on the badonkadonk?!

Mel Issa

Comment of the day: I really wish Yoga Jeans website had an option to purchase them. I cant find the style I love on any of their listed retailers pages.

kerry macLeod

oh yes Melissa....i have a pancake ass despite months of Brazillian Booty and every other bum workout on Pinterest and they dont flatten me out or ride up...honest!



Love them all but especially #24 in black.


I don't a pair of Yoga Jeans yet but I would love to try YOGA 44 in the indigo wash!!


Comment of the Day: While I don't own a pair of Yoga Jeans, I have tried them on. I LOVE that they are soooo comfy because of the stretch in them!


Yoga 18 in black :)


I would love to win Yoga 24!


Very nice - would love to win the Yoga 42!


Love the Yoga 22's!

Avril Keys

Love the Yoga 79 - gorgeous looking! Thanks for sharing the site…enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous jeans. Avril @ School Gate Style! x

Claire Underwood

love to win Yoga 44


Loving the 'YOGA 24'

Melissa Mendenhall Davis

I'm back! I have found that I don't like low rise jeans..too much over flows in them ;)

Mel Issa

I completely agree with you about low rise jeans! Im just finally coming to terms that ones with low rise jeans dont work for me. Unfortunately ive given one too may "shows" because they dont work with my body.

kerry macLeod

i think low-rise work with very few bodies well...they only flatter if you have 0% muffin


Mel Issa

That is true! I think my next pair of jeans are going to be high rise. Even with mid-rise jeans, the fact that I am tall sometimes makes me nervous to sit.


Love yoga 24 in black diamond!


Ok, I think I like the Yoga 1274.... but then I saw the Eco Savanah's - are they part of the collection? Whoo love 'em too!

Courtney  Patterson

Yoga 22!


I like yoga 44 =))


I would love to win the yoga 20 in black/ blue black!!


I also shared the contest on facebook. :)


I would choose yoga 18's!


COMMENT OF THE DAY: I normally don't wear jeans because I find them uncomfortable. But like what I said on my other comment, Yoga Jeans are super comfy!

S Mcneely

They all look great but my pick is 1274!


Yoga 1281...heard great things about these! :)


I've shared! :)


1274 for me please- and I also shared on FB - thanks


i'll have what she's having! (i'd love to win a pair of the "indigo high rise skinnies", if you please; the YOGA 44s?) thanks for the opportunity :)


psst! ...i just shared the contest via Not Just Pretty's link with my Aunty Em via Facebook ...just sayin'! ;)

kerry macLeod

good the name Subtle Harvest!

Mel Issa

My daily entry is an embarrassing jean story...and why I think Yoga jeans might be a good fit for me. Have you heard of the Game Dance Central? Well last year, I was playing it with a bunch of friends and while doing one of the moves the jeans I was wearing split right down the backside.

kerry macLeod

awesome your comments, keep em coming and good luck!



Here's my entry for today..... Have you tried the Sky Rise fit? If so, do you find them any different than the Mid Rise fit?


jeans are trousers made from denim or dungaree cloth. --wikipedia

Susan Liberatore

Yoga 30 I think! High Rise super skinnies...


Another entry for today: I don't own a pair of jeggings or skinny jeans :( So a few weeks ago, I decided to finally try a pair on. I go into a store, pick up a pair to try it on. To my horror, I get the jeans up most of the way to only discover that my feet would NOT fit through the bottom part of the jeans!! Hahaha.. I still laugh at the moment :)


Yoga 26 please!! I've been looking for these all my life!!


I would love #57 please


Here's my last entry for the last day of the contest..... I was just wondering is there a pair of yoga jeans that you don't like?

Sarah Go

Yoga 19!!!


Love the Yoga 22! Actually, I love them all!

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