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June 08, 2011


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Melinda sweet..great idea.


What a great idea! My daughter loved her "suzy". She would hold three in her hands and switch back and forth. So few of our pictures of those years have her without a soother. We decided that three years of age was the deadline, so we kept telling her months before her third birthday that kids throw away their soothers when they turn three. Without prompting, the morning she turned three, she walked to the garbage and threw them all away and never looked back!

kerry macLeod

Wow Terri you are good! What a cute story.



I was going to write you a note asking for more Ryan photos and then I stumbled on this post which I had missed reading when you wrote it. So sad about the Nuckys but good for litte Ry for being brave and moving ahead.

kerry macLeod

Thanks for the comment Kelly,

Miss ya! Liam played OCanada at his recital last night and hes playing it
for school assembly this week...he worked so hard to get all the
notes...youd be proud of your little student.


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