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January 10, 2011


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Michelle Stieb

Oh, they are beautiful. Sorry to hear you've had a streak of 'yuckiness'. Glad to hear you are back on your feet. Things always look better with more sleep too...


Love the colours! I'm sure they will be scooped up quickly!

melinda mclane

Ive been following your blog for quite awhile. You are an amazing person, a talented woman and a WONDERFUL mother. Lots of things happen in life that we have very little control of. Try as we may, we cannot make everything perfect. Sometimes we just need that little *time out* to re group and re charge and to let the bad stuff go..
Never forget that you ARE amazing!

kerry macLeod

Thanks are right, I went to sleep early last night. Tomorrow
I get one more test and hopefully I can put everything behind me.
Have a great day.

kerry macLeod

kerry macLeod

Wow, thanks Melinda,

You are so right about things happenning for a reason...sometimes it takes
me a bit to step back and realize that. I am definitely editting my life
this year, its a big goal. Thanks so much for following Snicks...I am so
grateful for my readers and love feedback of any sort.

I have not idea what that creature is in your yard but Ill ask my eldest,
he seems to know about these things. It looks like an animal we saw in
Mexico you have any Mexican neighbours? lol

kerry macLeod

kerry macLeod

Thanks Louise,


kerry macLeod

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