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January 27, 2010


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Hugs being sent your way Kerry - let's do coffee soon & have a little vent/laugh/therapy session. Let me know what works for you.... xo m

kerry macLeod

Thanks so much, hope you are all feeling better now. You just donated $1 to
Haiti too!


well I don't blame you for any of those feelings! All sound normal in the situations and the last things re: dog and boys sound great!
-did I donate a $1 too?

kerry macLeod

Thanks for the comments girls. You all donated to Haiti as well as giving
me a little pat on the back. Tanya, still feel bad you didnt get a scarf.
Make sure crazy Ms.Hunter gives you one of the fun furry hats she scoffed
from the kids! lol


Hope the yucky stuff gets cleared up soon - and my thoughts are with your sister. I abhor unexplained illness {{{hugs}}}


Oh girl, I'm so sorry!

I haven't been in blogdom much lately and just checked in.

I feel sick for ya!

I can't believe your neighbors would build so close. I mean, come on, they won't like it either! grrrrrrrrrrrr

Need me to come up and whoop some ass?

Take care.

kerry macLeod

Bet! So good to hear from you. For sure an ass whooping would be good but
Im afraid well need dynamite by now as the framing is up.

Thanks for understanding,

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