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January 31, 2010


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For some reason it makes me feel better knowing that I found all of that Hannah Montana stuff in bargain bins and the dollar store for next to nothing. I guess I was still supporting the industry, just not to the same degree. It WAS disturbing to find out how much Hannah Montana paraphanalia was out there. What's ironic is that the Hannah Montana movie is all about Hannah leaving LA, going back to her small country town roots and finding herself again beneath all of the "stuff". Go figure. Learning the "Hoedown Throwdown" with Bryn was most certainly what made it all worth it (even though when it came time to perform it in front of people she just stood there and did nothing). I'd recommend learning the dance to any parents of Hannah Montana lovers:)


I'll have to get that movie sometime...Miley is so cute. Love the relationship she has with her Dad. As for all those crazy dolls Bryn got as presents...good luck!

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