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August 02, 2008


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Aw! It looks like a wonderful reunion! So nice to have them home isin't it? My Mom's been wanting to take mine for a month since they were 4 and 6. Now they are 6 and almost 8 and I'm still not quite ready! Btw, I haven't been to the Festival in Naramata yet but plan to next year. I do Reiki and when you offer 6 or 7 hours of healing work they offer you a weekend pass for free. Sounds perfect to me. :) Peace and hugs to you! Tammy


I love Ryan's little face trying to see what's going on with the cake..he wants to be in there so the Cake Kerrie..its so cute....FYI..we are having a blast in Vernon!!!


Happy Birthday Sweet Liam!!
Sorry to make your mama work so hard - but since mama loves to shop it's a win :)
Back from 4days in Summerland - I guess we've missed you now until school starts :(
I got my Style Statement book in the mail. So happy to be a winner!!!! Thx - xox

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