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April 05, 2010


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My dear sis-in-law...........I feel your stress across the miles and all I can say your energy for the things you can control........the house behind you isn't going anywhere I'm afraid. The only thing you can control in this situation, is your reaction to it. It's just not healthy for you to allow yourself to be stressed. So, peak at your beautiful boys, pet your wonderful dog, snuggle your cute husband, listen to the purr of the cat, scratch the cute little daigus........and realize that, in the grand scheme of life, looking at a roof isn't really all that bad. Oh yes, and remember how many people in Ontario love you guys and send happy thoughts your way!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

kerry macLeod

Thanks Dee for the wise words....I know, I know...its silly. All I ever
wanted when we bought this lot was an open view and no one, not the
developer, the architect, the builder or us thought someone would be daft
enough to place there house backing on to ours and the people beside us. I
guess you never know!

kerry macLeod


That is the most awesome pimp suit that I ever have seen.

kerry macLeod

Yes, it was a good one!

kerry macLeod

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