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April 27, 2010


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Way to go Kerry..

kerry macLeod

Friends get to give me a whallop when I break a I am fully


kerry macLeod


I define - "Happiness is a state of equilibrium of mind and soul, by self choice and beliefs."

Life is beautifully twisted. Untwist to enjoy it. Happiness is basically a discovery of know-how and align self to it. Once you discover your own self and understand those cycles, emotions - happiness is discovered. I also say that "happiness is a matter of no effort". It is always there - you have just not discovered it yet; once we realize, there is absolutely nothing you have to do or even if you are doing; it will be fun. Nothing will change in material (virtual world) but you will feel happy. Your real world will be beautiful - Its heaven; right here, right now. You are a miracle. Discover it.

There will be no more questions and no pursuit. Once one can reach to this state and has mastered the skill to reach to a state of equilibrium - he has achieved happiness for ever...

This will last forever...

You have become human again!!! Humanity will automatically return...

Belief, Love and Respect


kerry macLeod

Wow, thanks for those amazing words of wisdom. I will take a look at your
webpage later as well. Life is twisted...isnt it?

kerry macLeod

Coach Factory

Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.

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